Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Z = Zunal, WebQuest Maker #GETABC

Z is for Zunal

(GTG's #GETABC Series =
Green, Education, & Tech*)

Z!  At long last!!  With the zillions of things on the Internet, I tell you--it never ceases to amaze me all the new things there are to find out there.

Zunal is my latest and greatest new find. 

Zunal is a free WebQuest Maker.  WebQuest, you ask?  It is an online presentation of a task to students, where they are given resources to find, analyze, and incorporate their finds via the resources to solve the problem at hand.  As stated in their "Definition of Webquest" from their WebQuest Workshop:
"A well-written WebQuest requires students to go beyond simple fact finding. It asks them to analyze a variety of resources and use their creativity and critical-thinking skills to solve a problem. WebQuests help students analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information."
So here is Zunal, complete with numerous templates, the ability to attach endless numbers of files and videos, a preview-before-publish option, the ability to add tables & rubrics/quizzes & photos...there's a ton here!  At today's writing, there are 80,597 published WebQuests!!  Zowie!!!
Sample Zunal WebQuest Image
Their WebQuest Menu includes the following categories, where WebQuests are sorted by grade level:

--Foreign Language
--Life Skills/Careers
--Professional Skills
--Social Studies
--Most Reviewed
--Latest Published
--User Profiles
--WebQuest Searches

Such a zany wealth here...definitely explore what they have, which will give you a better feel of the endless extent of what you can create!!  Here is a listing of just a smattering of the environmental education webquests I found on Zunal.  The Science thematic area has a ton from life cycles, to animals, to habitats, to biomes...darn-near, (in the words of Buzz Lightyear), "to infinity and beyond!"

SaVe ThE PlaNeT--gr. K-2

Earth Day--gr. K-2

Taking Care of Planet Earth--gr. K-2

What is pollution--gr. 3-5

Great Barrier Reef--gr. 3-5

Deforestation--gr. 3-5

Saving the Rain Forest--gr. 3-5

Food & Nutrition--gr. 3-5

Water Conservation--gr. 3-5

Global Health Planeteers--gr. 6-8

Save the Tigers--gr. 6-8

Global Warming--gr. 6-8

Water Systems: Groundwater--gr. 6-8

How an Invasive Species Can Effect the Ecosystem of the Great Lakes--gr. 9--12

Pollution--gr. 9-12
Deforestation--gr. 9-12

Help Animals in Danger--college to adult

Letter Z picture from  WebQuest pic from

*Note:  In an attempt to meld my pursuits of green, education, and technology, "GET" and this ABC series did my twitter thread #GETABC.  To see the inception of #GETABC and give yourself a tidbit of background, go to GTG's True Confessions & Whirling Dervishes.

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