Friday, August 12, 2011

V = Voice Thread #GETABC

V is for Voice Thread
(GTG's  #GETABC Series = Green, Education, & Tech*)

VoiceThread is a unique online tool that needs no additional software to install...yet it's a place that conversations can be shared for collaborative sakes.  With it, you can create slideshows of pictures, documents, videos and more in order to allow spectators to leave comments in a multitude of ways:  voice  text, audio file, video/webcam.

The whole interface invites both collaboration & expression.  VoiceThread becomes a multimedia mecca.  There is also an expansive digital library of articles and projects.  Here's a great tutorial about how to use VoiceThread

 One of the best ways  to learn about VoiceThread would be to go into the "browse mode" and search on a subject to see all that you can do.  "Green," by the way, is a pretty nice, eco-friendly key word to use for your search!!

Letter V pic from  VoiceThread image from 
Note:  In an attempt to meld my pursuits of green, education, and technology, "GET" and this ABC series did my twitter thread #GETABC.  To see the inception of #GETABC and give yourself a tidbit of background, go to GTG's True Confessions & Whirling Dervishes.

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