Saturday, August 20, 2011

#GETABC on Symbaloo

Here's a total one-stop-shopping Symbaloo Webmix of the 30+ A-Z resources I've been investing this summer during my #GETABC Series on all things incorporating Green, Education, and Technology.  You can scroll through it below, click on the title above to go directly to Symbaloo to add it to any existing webmixes you have, or click here to go directly to it..

Cheers from Green Team Gazette for a great school year ahead, and it's my hope that my #GETABC series offered a bit of inspiration that you'll be able to bring to your classroom this year. I know my quest most certainly brought me a lot of "new to pursue!" 

Be sure to use the scroll bar to get find all the #GETABC Goodies!!

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