Monday, August 1, 2011

M = Marveling With Museum Box #GETABC

M is for Marveling With MuseumBox

(GTG's  #GETABC Series = Green, Education, & Tech*)

If you're a collector, then you will like the layout, design, and ability to put together all sorts of information into little cubbies to define your topic at hand at MuseumBox.

MuseumBox has the templates all ready, and lets you program virtual cubes in order to put up to 6 images, links, videos, etc in each compartment of your MuseumBox.  Use it to define, label story elements, build arguments, write text, detail a historical period--whatever!

MuseumBox is a free site, however a teacher will need to register the school if children are expected to save or submit their work for review.  It's a very easy-to-use site, with the uploading pictures part being the most time consuming (though easy) part of my process.  Here is the "6 R's of our Earth:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Respect, Responsibility" Museum Box I made in just part of an afternoon. 

To investigate some of their features (and the ease in creation), watch this tutorial video:

There are many cross-curricular areas  where students can benefit from MuseumBox:
Art & Design,
--Career Education
--Critical Thinking
--Personal Growth and Self Expression
--Religious Education

Letter M picture from, Museum Box image from their site, and the "6 R's" pic is a screen shot of my creation on Museum Box.

*Note:  In an attempt to meld my pursuits of green, education, and technology, "GET" and this ABC series did my twitter thread #GETABC.  To see the inception of #GETABC and give yourself a tidbit of background, go to GTG's True Confessions & Whirling Dervishes.

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