Monday, August 15, 2011

Y = YouTube...& A Few Other Tubes #GETABC

Y is for YouTube...
& a Few Other Tubes 

(GTG's  #GETABC Series = Green, Eucation, & Tech*)

We all know YouTube, and what all we can find there.  One of my favorite ways to use it is as my own personal tutorials.  It's amazing the different things I've figured out after a view or two. Especially technology !I'm also lucky too, in that I'm not blocked at school, so YouTube can also work out well for me as a teaching tool.

If you're blocked, as many people are with YouTube, you have a few other options. 

SchoolTube is one such option.  Start here to give yourself a bit of a tutorial as to how best to go about using SchoolTube. Or, start by checking out the Channels or Categories.

TeacherTube is another classroom video option.  The Teacher's Resource page is a great resource indeed.

QuietTube is like living in the land of simplicity.  Even the webpage is peaceful, most likely by design.  Here's a brief snapshot of how that works.

And for the eco-minded, there's Ecotube. Just as you can infer, here's their message: "Ecotube is a community of users and their videos about issues facing the world today from an ecological perspective."

Here you have a portal of all types of videos on a multitude of green themes, classified as such (as detailed exactly from their website):

Products Reviews – Real people reviewing real products
Talk – Speeches, Conferences & Interviews
Fun – The Lighter side of the serious side of eco-issues
Travel – Transport, Fuels and Eco-Tourism
Energy - Renewables, Fossil Fuels, emissions & new technologies
Act - Activism,campaigns & White Collar Genocide
Home - Eco products, technology, saving money & household tips
Know – Knowledge, Education
Gaia - Earth, Climate Change, Weather & Nature
News - Reports, Technology, Disasters
Shop - Products, ads & consumerism
Freebies – Special Offers & Free Product Samples
Here's a great example from their site:

May the movies run educational and wild in your classroom!!

Letter Y pic: Website logos from above mentioned websites.

Note:  In an attempt to meld my pursuits of green, education, and technology, "GET" and this ABC series did my twitter thread #GETABC.  To see the inception of #GETABC and give yourself a tidbit of background, go to GTG's True Confessions & Whirling Dervishes.

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  1. TubeChop also looks like a good tool to trim up YouTube Videos: