Saturday, October 28, 2023

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween

Whether you are celebrating Halloween this weekend in your community, or if your trick-or-treating plans are Tuesday on Halloween night, may your evening be filled with memories and merriment!

Image created using the Magic Tools™ design elements.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Magic of Canva When It Comes to Digital Design

Canva is one of my go-to design websites. It recently got even more fun with the addition of a lot of their "Magic" elements. They released their Magic Tools™ a few weeks ago. Just in time for a little magical wonderment for the Halloween season. Take a look at some of the AI generated awesomeness that it can do:

I ran across a post in the Facebook Canva Teachers Community and used a prompt created by teacher & "Canvassador" LaNedra Johnson that had darling pictures she created using the following prompt:

"Magic Media -> Text to Image -> Enter Prompt: Chibi (girl/boy), (color) hair, with glasses books, lap top, desk, professional, ultra realistic, Pixar style, 3d render, photo, anime, illustration"

So I tried my hand at it, as it certainly was an invitation to play. I tweaked the prompt somewhat and came up with the following:

I got 4 images upon my first prompt, and I could regenerate the images and tweak the text as many times as I liked. 

Of course, thinking about the Halloween & Thanksgiving seasons ahead, I had to get creative with that too.

I think we're about to have a lot of fun in my Digital Design class we have for upper elementary. 

(Note: At the start of the year, I did have the students and their parents fill out the Canva Consent form since they are under the age of 13.)

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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Good Environmental News

We all can ALWAYS use some good news. Especially amidst world, national, and political news that sometimes is fraught with such heavy topics. We've seen a lot of that over the past several years, now more so than ever with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the War in Ukraine, the battles in the GOP over the new Speaker of the House, the upcoming noise already for the 2024 US Presidential Election, and more.

So it's time for some good news.  

One Tree Planted's website (which focuses on global reforestation) has been committed to finding that good news, especially on the environmental front. Monthly, it has been posting the top environmental good news. Let's celebrate!

For previous months for 2023 alone (with the exception of April for some reason), check out these links:

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Fall Into Fall Bingo Board

October is a month of color and seasonal fun. It provides lots of opportunities to get out there, enjoy the brisk weather, and have fun with your family and friends. Time to get plenty of Vitamin N: Nature!

Here's a Fall Into Fall Bingo Board. How many can you tackle this fall?

Ideas in part inspired by; Bingo board created at To print more easily, go to: 

Saturday, October 14, 2023

DigCit Week: October 16-20, 2023

Welcome to Digital Citizenship Week. October 16-20th this year. This serves as a focused reminder that truly, digital citizenship is an every day topic to address with our youth. 

Looking for resources to help your learners be safe, be respectful, and be responsible online...look no further:

My Digital Life is a resource center created by Discovery Education and Norton as a way to share standards-aligned, ready to use activities about digit citizenship. When you are here you have a variety of resources for grades 3-8 all centered around smart decision making online.

Two of their digital animations are on Misinformation & Being an Oversharer. Educator Guides and classroom activities are included with each of these.

Brought to you by the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts,
and Norton, Surf Smart 2.0 has five main sections. Working through all of them, students can earn their Surf Smart 2.0 Girl Scout Guide.

Common Sense Education
A leader in helping parents make smart choices for their students, Common Sense education has a multitude of tools that were co-created by the Center of Digital Thriving at Harvard Graduate School of Education:

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Podcasts, Podcasts Everywhere

If you've been around awhile, you know I'm a major fan of podcasts.

I happened on this website somewhere on social media and it's a complete treasure trove of classroom podcasts on a variety of subjects over at Jeff Glade Tech. Jeff Glade is a Digital Learning Consultant in Iowa who focuses on literacy instruction through a variety off mediums beyond just traditional texts. He has been compiling monthly curated lists of podcasts on a variety of subjects. Each list is in a google slide (typically 2 pages plus a third with explanation), and each podcast he mentions he lists the grade level range for which each podcast would be appropriate. Lots of supplemental resources for your classroom!!

This link takes you directly to the Hispanic Heritage Month Podcasts. Hispanic Heritage Month is rounding out here as it annually is September 15-October 15. 

Other curated lists of Jeff Glade's include:

  • AAPI Podcasts -- Asian American/Pacific Islander Month: May
  • Conservation Podcasts -- Think Earth Day: April 22nd
  • Women's History Month -- March
  • Black History Month -- February
  • Native American Heritage Month Podcasts -- November
  • Halloween Podcasts 
  • Pride Podcasts -- Pride Month: June (Other Pride Related Special Days can be found here)
  • Disability Awareness Podcasts -- Disability Awareness Month: March
  • At this writing, he also has lists for the following months: February, March, April, Sept, December

He's been compiling current lists since 2019, so you will find multiple clickable lists with the same titles for a true wealth. (They are dated in the bottom right-hand corner.)

He also has some practical ideas about to incorporate these into your lessons with some meaningful activity suggestions and tech integrations that you can easily put into practice in your classroom.

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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Upping Your Google Doc-Knowledge

Eric Curts of has created a dynamic resource entitled "23 Fabulous Features of Google Docs." In it, I'll say I easily doubled (if not tripled) my Google Doc-knowledge!

In the post, he also includes a link so you can easily print out his Fabulous Features!

Up your Google Game with the following topics:

  • Voice Typing
  • Web Fonts
  • Paint Format
  • Setting Default Fonts & Styles
  • Emojis
  • Internal Links
  • URL Tricks
  • Playing Videos
  • Smart Chips
  • Creating Dropdowns
  • Building Blocks
  • Embedded Drawings 
  • The Explore Tool
  • Google Keep Integration
  • Translation
  • AI Assistant
  • Notifications
  • Version History
  • Add Ons
  • Extnesions
  • Apps Script Code
  • Templates
  • Offline Access

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