Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Magic of Canva When It Comes to Digital Design

Canva is one of my go-to design websites. It recently got even more fun with the addition of a lot of their "Magic" elements. They released their Magic Tools™ a few weeks ago. Just in time for a little magical wonderment for the Halloween season. Take a look at some of the AI generated awesomeness that it can do:

I ran across a post in the Facebook Canva Teachers Community and used a prompt created by teacher & "Canvassador" LaNedra Johnson that had darling pictures she created using the following prompt:

"Magic Media -> Text to Image -> Enter Prompt: Chibi (girl/boy), (color) hair, with glasses books, lap top, desk, professional, ultra realistic, Pixar style, 3d render, photo, anime, illustration"

So I tried my hand at it, as it certainly was an invitation to play. I tweaked the prompt somewhat and came up with the following:

I got 4 images upon my first prompt, and I could regenerate the images and tweak the text as many times as I liked. 

Of course, thinking about the Halloween & Thanksgiving seasons ahead, I had to get creative with that too.

I think we're about to have a lot of fun in my Digital Design class we have for upper elementary. 

(Note: At the start of the year, I did have the students and their parents fill out the Canva Consent form since they are under the age of 13.)

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