Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Post-March Continuation of Climate Change

You know it's the beginning of the school year when the only thing you can do with interesting articles is stockpile them in your own email box, to be read later.  With the Climate Change March last weekend, much of what's been filling my email box has been in that department.

Here are a handful of 4 links to share the wealth.

9 Inspiring Posters from the People's Climate March
9 great visuals speak a million words over at Treehugger with Margaret Badore's 9/22/2014 photo collection. My favorite (credited to Ms. Badore):  

Ben & Jerry, over in their ice cream world, are big believers in both our environment and the ill-effects of climate change.  On their Sept. 2nd blog, they posted their promotion of the Sept. 21st Climate Change March.  My favorite quote of theirs:
"The goal is to show the world that the time to act on climate change is now if we hope to preserve our globe. Because just like ice cream, if it’s melted, it’s ruined."
Even better:  their video.

This Cheat Sheet Will Make You Win Every Argument
This oldie but goodie from Mother Jones (by James West from 3/4/2013) has circled back due to the Climate Change March from last weekend.

Climate argument flowchart

Climate Change & The Chesapeake Bay
NPR's September 15th, 2014 report by Pamela D'Angela investigates the effects of warming waters on our Chesapeake champions:  blue crabs and striped bass.  The bay's warming will cause holes in the food web, which is never good for biodiversity.  Bottom line:  big unknowns.  I do know that my friends who go crabbing have had a very bad year this year!  The 3+ minute report will be especially appreciated by fellow Marylanders, anglers, and environmentalists who are concerned by the health of the Bay.

Climate Change photo from;  Ben & Jerry's video from;
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Ben & Jerry's melting ice cream cone:;
Ecosystem connections picture:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jon Stewart Sums Up Climate Change As Only He Can!!

"Smart Television" is often a phrase that is seen as an oxymoron.  Yet, in the arena of political satire, Jon Stewart, John Oliver, and Stephen Colbert definitely make for smart television.

This week, Jon Stewart proved that point with his "Burn Noticed" commentary on "The Daily Show" regarding this past weekend's Climate Change March.  So glad to find this gem on the Sept 23rd Grist Article by Ted Alvarez:  "To Watch Jon Stewart Burn House Climate Deniers is to Fall in Love All Over Again."

Just a heads up.  This is Comedy Central, peeps.  Therefore, the language might not be suitable to all... but definitely a great way to bring smiles to those of us adults who know what apparently the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, & Technology does not.

Video from .

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Climate Change Rally 2014

September is a killer month for teachers:  back to school, back to business, business:  busy, busy, busy.

Add in, I'm a new teacher at a new doesn't matter how many years you have been teaching, when it's all new, it's all CRAZY busy!!

But today, September 21st, needed a post.  It's International Peace Day, and it was the 2014 Climate Change Rally.

It's what's called a "demonstration for the planet."
A poster from the 2010 Earth Day Climate Rally in Washington, DC. (Credit: Brown Political Review)
Ben & Jerry's is a major environmental supporter, as they have been in favor of climate change help for over 8 years.  Here's a good video that sums it up, in a yummy, ice creamy sory of way;


As the pictures of the rally start to surface today, I think these sign-headlines are great:
"There is no Planet B."
"Forestn's Aren't for Sale"
"Jobs, Justice, Clean Energy."

And here's word from my favorite children's author:  Dan Gutman.
Join me at 86th street and Central Park West on Sunday at 11:30am. 
One person won't make much of a difference, but ALL of us can.

Photo: Join me at 86th street and Central Park West on Sunday at 11:30am.  One person won't make much of a difference, but ALL of us can.
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But rumor on the street is that 310,000 people were behind it today. 
Way to go people!!
This is where we need to be.

Other good articles:

Kaylin Richarson:  To Protech the Future, We Must Make Our Voices Heard.

4 Animations That Show What is Going On With Our Climate.

'Largest-ever' climate-change march rolls through NYC

For a great photo montage slide show of NYC's rally, check this out.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Book

I love this new gem from IKEA!  Just goes to show you how techy we have become (and how those traditional "book things" take us by tail and can almost turn us upside down here in the technological age!!)