Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leave Nothing But Tracks

Interesting that one of the 2010 Winter Olympic mascots is the Quatchi, a sasquatch....funny too, I ran across a sasquatch just yesterday in the Target school supply aisle. From their own website, Carolina Pad Notebook company writes: 
"Sasquatch lives deep in the forest, far from where most humans dare to go. He lives off the land, and except for a footprint now and then, leaves little trace of his existence. 

Sasquatch lives a green life, using only what he needs. Carolina Pad is trying to follow in Sasquatch's footsteps. We know that forests are one of our greatest treasures.   

What Makes Sasquatch Products Eco-friendly?
Sasquatch™ Brand products use less virgin wood products. They are made of mostly recycled paper. This means fewer trees are cut down and less water and fossil fuels are used during processing. This helps reduce air and water pollution and helps protect wildlife from harmful chemicals and habitat changes." 
Quatchi, of Vancouver Fame, reiterates the wisdom and wonder of nature.  Here on the final day of the Olympics, embrace your inner sasquatch. Along the way, learn about recycling and sustainability. Games and videos too!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Green Thoughts

When you are the girl your styrofoam-loving friends scoff at, you might just be an eco-nazi or a greeniac.  Maybe true.  But when you know what a nurdle is, where to find it, and the damage it can do to sea turtles and other marine organisms, perhaps it's more like this:  you're the one in the know; the one who's done her research, the one who wonders "just how soon will it be until that landfill is filled?!  Then what?"  Plus, where's all this individual research to the wayside? To the landfill?  I'm shakin' my head on that one.  It's gotta go somewhere...out there....where others who are searching can grab it.  It's my hope you grab it, and run with it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

#13 February 2010 Green Team Gazette

Click "#13 February 2010" above for the Green Team Gazette's "Rainy Days Edition:"  Raingardens, Rain barrels, Watersheds, Oh My!