Friday, February 26, 2010

Green Thoughts

When you are the girl your styrofoam-loving friends scoff at, you might just be an eco-nazi or a greeniac.  Maybe true.  But when you know what a nurdle is, where to find it, and the damage it can do to sea turtles and other marine organisms, perhaps it's more like this:  you're the one in the know; the one who's done her research, the one who wonders "just how soon will it be until that landfill is filled?!  Then what?"  Plus, where's all this individual research to the wayside? To the landfill?  I'm shakin' my head on that one.  It's gotta go somewhere...out there....where others who are searching can grab it.  It's my hope you grab it, and run with it!


  1. This site is fabulous. Can't wait to become more nurdle-like and share with others. What a wonderful resource, Vicki; thank you for sharing it!
    Jennifer Keats Curtis

  2. Thanks Jenn...and thanks for passing it along through Facebook venues! You Rock!