Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T = TeacherCast #GETABC

T is for TeacherCast

(from the GTG #GETABC series = Green, Education, & Technology*)

TeacherCast is the brainchild of Jeff Bradbury. Teacher, music historian, high school orchestra leader, educator.  He "orchestrated" TeacherCast to help bring 21st century tech to the everyday-Mr.Joe-teacher.

TeacherCast uses Screencasts to show off software, websites, and other goodies.  There are Audio Podcasts of interviews w/professional educators.  There are collections of all kinds of goodies:  apps, websites, and other items that will whet the whistle of teachers all around.

So, whether you are hunting a review, a li'l educational podcast or screencast, or a peek at their wall of links of fame, there's plenty to check out.

Letter T in sign language:; TeacherCast iconry from their website.

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