Saturday, July 31, 2010

Park Quest #9 ~ Patapsco Valley State Park

Maryland Park Quest #9...
tidied up and now tucked away. 

Glorious temperatures, no humidity, a treat here at the end of July!  Bikes would have been icing on the cake, but we did okay without them, despite a 4 year old, flip flops, and an unfortunate fall resulting in a split lip but no major incident.

I've got to say...there aren't too many places where you can see a stone aquaduct (oldest one here in MD) & arch bridge, a beam bridge, and cross a suspension bridge.....all in one place!  That's Patapsco Valley State Park.  As a teacher who teaches about bridges, I'm giddy with the thought of potential field trips and my own quest creations. 

That's one of the things as a teacher I've enjoyed with these Park Quests--thinking about how many ways I can integrate some of these ideas in my classroom.   As a mom, I have loved watching my kids experience new places and embracing the great outdoors (hopefully without too many calamities along the way).  And as an outdoor adventurer, it's been great watching the numbers rise on my pedometer, checking out the challenges along the way, and experiencing some great vistas in all the different state parks.
To check into the Park Quest at Patapsco Valley State Park, click the title above or  go to


  1. Teachers can make quests with their students, too!
    For teacher resources visit,

  2. Very cool Steve...Can't wait to go check these resources out! Thanks a million!