Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Reads: American Girls Julie & Lanie

Looking for a little hammock read?  In honor of the 4th of July, why not further celebrate the good ole U.S. of A. by going "American."  Here are two for you, even tho they're for the "tween" set as they're American Girl books.  The main characters, naturally, are are two spunky girls, from two different of the beauties of the American Girl series.

Your first book takes place during my childhood...the 1970's.  Julie is a young activist in the making!  She happens upon a bird rescue center and finds herself face to face with an eagle, some eaglets, and some insight into detriment called DDT.  Megan McDonald (author of the very popular "Judy Moody" series) does a nice job of depicting both the era and the environmental impact in "Julie and the Eagles." 

The flash forward a good 30 years.  Oh, let's say, to my daughter's age.  The American Girl series does it again with a new protagonist:  Lanie.  A nature girl from the word "go!"  She's out there, exploring, experimenting, and showing girls that it's okay to be a science/nature girl!!  If your girl is like this girl, this is a must read from you!  Introduce yourself to the "Girl of the Year" for 2010 by Jane Kurtz at

For Curriculum on Nature girl Lanie, go to  There's also more "Lanie books" with her "Lanie's Real Adventures" by Jane Kurtz.  Likewise, Megan McDonald has some other "Julie books" in her collection as well. 

Nothing's better in the summer than grabbing a deck chair or hammock, settling back, sipping some lemonade, and reading a good book or two!  Even better if you have a spunky girl of your own to share books with!

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