Monday, July 26, 2010

A Picture & A Plastiki Say 1000 Words!

After 4 months, 8,000 nautical miles, and a lot of sweat & perseverance, the Plastiki arrived in Sydney's Darling Harbor.  These 2 pictures say it all!
To see these pics and read of the Plastiki's arrival, go to .  More pics are available at


  1. What saddens me is that after this fantastic accomplishment they were but a footnote on the news. Nothing about their message and the news caster even stumbled over the name Plastiki. At least my students knew the name and asked to check on their progress when the came to class. We will celebrate when school resumes.

  2. I completely I was watching the Facebook/twitter updates from Plastiki on Sunday evening, near USA EST nightly news time, I kept trying to find it. Nothing. Even the next day, I expected something significant on MSNBC. Again, nothing until way later, then only a brief article (no video). I too will do as you and are two good spots should you wish to find more (esp video):

    CNN's Plastiki News Page:

    Sydney Morning Herald: