Monday, July 12, 2010

Recycling, Inc. (Or Is That "Ink?")

In this digital era, where planned obsolescence is more the rule than the rarity, there are probably 2 things we all get rid of:  printer ink cartridges and old cell phones.  Well, Green School Project could be called "Recycle, Inc." (or is that "Ink?").  Seeing a need to keep valuable minerals and toxic materials out of landfills for reuse, Green School Project came up with a way to solve that problem, and also serve as a fundraiser (something schools always need)!

Go to and check it out.  The registration process is a simple online form that probably would take 2 minutes or less.  Then, request some prepaid shipping labels, and set up your recycling station & you're ready to go.  A click on the "Acceptable Items" link shows you that there's oodles and gobs of brands of cell phones and ink cartridges out there that they'll take, and it shows you the reimbursement amount.  And we're not just talking a quarter here!!  The range is huge, and it could be a way to bring in some money to your school or nonprofit simply by decluttering your home & office!  Not to mention, it's another way to shrink the landfill! 

It won't be long before you're in business!

For an added bonus of list of recycling lesson plans and activities, go to

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