Monday, July 12, 2010

No Child Left Inside...Not in Maryland At Least

Richard Louv, author of "Last Child in the Woods:  Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder" would be would the 219+ organizations that make up Maryland's "No Child Left Inside" Coalition...Over the last 5 days, my kids and I have barely been INSIDE!

Okay, so we're exhausted (but not nearly as wiped as Candus Thomson, Outdoor Writer for the Baltimore Sun must be as she's trekking across Maryland in a 7 day period doing 24 Maryland Park Quests through some pretty amazing Maryland State Parks). But we've had some pretty wonder-filled times outside too:

* Hang time dashing the waves at the beach in Ocean City.

*Park Quest #4 & #5 at St. Clement's Island (including boat taxi & Baltimore Sun Outdoor Writer & 24/7 quester Candus Thomson) & Calvert Cliffs (including 3.5 mile hike...which was a killer for the 4 year old...thank heavens for the bay & the opportunity to both dip your toes in AND dig for shark's teeth half way through!

* Beach combing for fossilized sharks' teeth on a private beach of a dear friend in Chesapeake Beach at both dusk and dawn (well, shortly-following-dawn)

*Lighthouse climbing and more fossil digging at the Calvert Maritime Museum (yes, largely indoors, but still very outdoor-oriented...not to mention science-driven)

* Throw in too a day with the cousins and grandparents at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, and play time outside, in our backyard, in our above-ground pool!

1.  Watch the video above from the July 16th, 2008 Today Show, including an interview with Richard Louv about Nature Deficit Disorder.  Memorize why it's important.  Do something about it.  Read the book!  Go outside!  See also .

2.  Check out Candus Thomson's blog entries and 24/7 Park Quest Tracker by clicking the title above or going to,0,6649385.mapmashup .

3. Even if you aren't one of the 750 teams signed up for Maryland's Park Quest, look into it and go on some adventures. .  Then sign up next year!

4.  Check out Playborhood ( to remind yourself of the power of play, and find a community of pals should you need them.

5.  Go outside.  Backyard.  City park.  Campground.  Pick your transportational method and in the immortal words of Nike:  "Just do it!"

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