Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Xeko to the Rescue

I'm not a gamer (well, unless it's Wii Fit).  Just ask my husband and daughter.  However, there's a new game in town....Xeko, and it's moniker is "Gaming for the Good."  It's part Pokemon, part online game, part everything your average 8 year old could be into...PLUS it involves real animals and real solutions.  

Timely, right now there's a GoodQuest to help save sea turtles online from the Gulf Oil Spill.  By playing, you can make it happen.  Yet, sea turtles are only one aspect of Xeko.  There are multiple other games/projects/ ways to be involved through this website, whether it's protecting sharks, tracking polar bears, or planting trees (or more)!

Rated "G" for "good", imaginations soar and are paired with promoting causes that need attention.  There's definitely a "warm fuzzy" associated by hanging out on this website.  Here, knee-deep in summer where kids tend to get bored with the "same-ole/same-ole" of summer, here's something different and something that matters!  Not to mention, in addition to building math, reading, and strategy skills, the card version of it won the Creative Child Magazines Game of the Year Award 2007 and 2008.   It might even give Club Penguin or Webkinz a run for it's money!

Whether you go the card game or the online version, or find yourself somewhere in between, this is a great find for your computer-oriented youngsters!  (Not to mention, Xeko is hefty on the safety measures for your kids--a double plus!!)

To see a video featured on the Today Show that features the summer hot games, including the online game of Xeko.com, check out http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/37615924#37615924%20%20%20%20
or go to http://blog.xeko.com/?p=4280  .

Then make your way over to http://www.xeko.com/ to go get started!

Image from http://www.buygreen.com/ProductImages/XEKO00001_lt.jpg

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