Friday, July 9, 2010

Plastiki: Yours & OUR Stories

Thank you Plastiki for making us feel like a rock star!  

For 2 weeks, Plastiki--our favorite plastic water bottle boat that's constructed of 12,500 plastic water bottles that's sailing this summer from San Fran to Sydney--has been summoning their friends and followers to send in their stories of what they're doing to eliminate plastics from their life.

Seeing that invitation dangling out there, I sent forth the story of Green Team Gazette, Eagle Cove School, and myself to them.  And I was tickled pink to see we were featured as the 3rd mention in their "Your Stories: Part 1" on their blog.  Thank you David de Rothschild and Plastiki crew for everything you are doing, and thank you all for spreading our message--and many, many other inspiring and exciting messages!! I can't wait to see what other people are doing world-wide to make the planet a little cleaner and a little brighter!! Shows us all there's hope out there!!

To see "Your Stories: Part 1" and see Green Team Gazette and other stories highlighted on the Plastiki's website blog, click the title above, or go to

To see Eagle Cove School's brand new website (different from the one listed in the Plastiki blog), go to    

Image from Plastiki's Flicker Photo Stream upon their departure from San Francisco.

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