Monday, April 5, 2010

Food For Thought, Part Deux

Reality shows aren't really my thing...however I've got to say, I'm hooked.

After taking on the UK's school lunch program, Jamie Oliver has now set his sights for Huntington, West Virginia.  Why here?  Huntington has received the moniker of "Unhealthiest City in America" with it's 50% obesity rate as well as the alarmingly high numbers of people there with diabetes and heart disease.  His goal?  Healthy lunches in all schools not only in Huntington, but beyond.  He's working on slimming down a very-overweight America, beginning with it's youngest consumers!

Click the title above (or go to to see what I find to be the most powerful 10 minute snippet of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" I've seen thus far.  This clip is from Episode 2, and it gives you a new perspective on chicken nuggets.  Watching a handful of 2nd or 3rd graders watch Jamie cut apart a roaster chicken and then use the carcass to make a chicken patty--and watching their reaction--is chilling.  It will make you think long and hard about eating processed "anything!"  In my opinion, watching this should be akin to required reading!

To find out more, get recipes, or sign the petition, go to .

To find out when to watch, go to  (This week's episode 4 is scheduled to run this Friday at 9 pm EST on ABC.)  You can also find it at .

Picture from where you can see a different 2 minute promo/review of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution"

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