Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!! The Eagle Cove Way!!

Hip Hip Hooray:  It's Earth Day!!

Am I the luckiest girl or what?!?  This is my Earth Day:
  • Seeing the campus osprey grab fish from the Magothy River and twigs from our campus trees....and knowing that our 13 second graders alone rebuilt our heavy osprey nest post (after winter storms knocked it down) by themselves with the help of only 1 adult--our science teacher, Mr. Decker.
  • Listening in amazement to fish stories galore from guest speaker environmental/outdoor writer Candus Thomson, from the Baltimore Sun, as she talked to 2nd & 3rd graders here at Eagle Cove School.  If these kids don't become budding fisher-folks after hearing her vivacious talk, I don't know who will! 
  • Seeing Heather Boughey (2nd grade Eagle Cove parent & daughter of the late Bill Burton, author/fisherman/outdoorsman extraordinare) and her mom Lois Burton line up the kids to teach them the fine art of casting a fishing line.  The foam fish and foam hooks made for instant fun on our playground!  Even with these pretend fish, the kids quickly learned why it's called "fishing" and not "catching!!"  This mother-daughter dynamic duo then surprised kids with the gift of keeping these rods & reels, a mini tackle box, and a book of the fish in the Chesapeake Bay.  Thank you so much for your generosity, ladies!!
  • Watching poetry in motion while my students wrote an Earth Day song with guest musician Linda Richards.  Linda trekked down from New York to visit each of our seven grades (PreK--5th grade) today. Within a half hour with each class, she'd had a poignant Earth Day chat with the kids, getting them to create an entire song to a familiar tune, giving it an eco-flair.  "We Will..We Will.. Rock You" may forever be implanted in my mind as "We Will...We Will.. Recycle."  Our culminating Bay Week performance will follow tomorrow afternoon, with an outdoor concert beside the Magothy River... with each class sharing their new "green" tune!
  • With our full, full day, we didn't have much time to continue our 3rd grade EarthOpoly game we started yesterday!  Looks like a good reason to come to school tomorrow!
It was a day where the focus was "all for one, one for all" planet, that is!   Plus, even better, at Eagle Cove School, Earth Day doesn't stop here with today.  Given it's Bay Week, we get to continue a lot of this fun stuff tomorrow, especially ending the week with our concert (and yay, it's to be an amazing day weather-wise).  But, given both our Maryland Green School status and our campus-wide commitment to the environment, EVERY DAY truly IS Earth Day!
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