Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bay Weekend

After a week of focusing on the Bay and honoring the environment at school, it seems both fitting and serendipitous to be standing at water's edge, watching the sun rise here on a Saturday morning on Tilghman Island, Maryland.  Birds silhouetting the scene, it most certainly was worth getting up for.

Tilghman Island, the crossroad of the Chesapeake Bay and the Choptank River.  Home of the Knapp narrows Draw Bridge (one of the busiest draw bridges nationwide, opening over 10,000 times each year).  Home, too, of The Water & Woods Ball, a 53-year tradition held at the Harrison House where friends and family of the late environmental writer Bill Burton come together for camaraderie and a day on the Bay.  Standing on the balcony as the sun was peeking up over the horizon, I watched 8-10 charter boats heading out into glorious weather.  With about five dozen anglers aboard, the boats headed out with folks holding the hopes of a good day of fishing.  (Is there truly such a thing as a "bad day of fishing" on a gorgeous day?)

For me, I happily waved from the balcony as the boats sailed away.  Yes, a day on the water would have been amazing.  But I'm looking forward to a solo jaunt into nearby St. Michaels, meandering in and out of the shops, living without regard to the clock or any cares in the world in my own way.  Then tonight, when everyone rejoins, let the relaxation continue, and let the revelry and fish stories begin!

Picture à la my camera & Mother Nature.

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