Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day!! The Eagle Cove Way!! Part Deux

As you may recall...Candus Thomson was part of our 2nd & 3rd graders' Earth Day as she came to Eagle Cove School to talk to them about fishing.  Her talk was followed by Heather Burton Boughey and mom Lois Burton sharing fishing rods & insightful info with the kids.  Well...when you have the Baltimore Sun Outdoors writer come to visit, and then follow it with outdoor activity, you find yourself in the newspaper.  She wrote up the article and included it with a great picture of Heather showing a squid-shaped fishing lure.

To see Candus Thomson's great article in the Baltimore Sun about Eagle Cove's Earth Day experience, click the title above, or go to,0,7965633.column

Snapshots from my camera, and not near as good as the one in the Sun!

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