Monday, April 26, 2010

Eco-Songs: We Will...We Will...Recycle!

For anyone who has been following along, you'll know that educator, environmentalist, New York musician extraordinaire Linda Richards visited Eagle School last Thursday and Friday for our Bay Week and Earth Day.  On Thursday she visited each classroom for about a 1/2 hour where the kids and she worked magic, creating an eco-song per class to perform during our outdoor concert on Friday afternoon.  This week, the focus du jour will be those songs.

Starting in my home territory, here's the song my 3rd grade boys wrote:

We Will...We Will...Recycle
sung to the tune of “We Will.. We will...Rock You"

We will, we will recycle!
We will, we will reduce!
We will, we will recycle!
We will, we will reuse! 

We are a green school 
And we are real cool,
School on the water – 
Eagle Cove!
We know there’s pollution,
We have a solution,
We raise oysters to clean up the Bay!


We raise other creatures
Whose biggest feature’s
To help increase diversity!
When we release them
We’re eco-policemen,
And sad 'cause we might not see them again! 

Pictures by me, Super-sized printing & Lyrics by Linda Richards, Typing by Mary (the best secretary in the world!).  To learn more about Linda Richards, go to

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