Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Bounty of Books, All About Nature

I love books. Picture books. Novels. Nonfiction. Biographies. Mysteries. All of them. Of course, we all have our preferred genres, but gravitating towards books is something I always do.

I think it's the teacher in me. At my previous school, my class library was second in size to only the school library when it came to numbers. Now, sadly, many of those are in boxes in my garage or other classrooms as I now have a mere office versus a classroom. Additionally, I spend most of my time at school not even in my office, but visiting other classrooms, doing my edtech thing. 

As for my house, my own kids have certainly graduated past picture books, so those shelves too have been thinned. But books are still part of my blood, and this year I'm striving to read at least one a week (novels and nonfiction, not the picture book variety). And, most of my books these days are on my phone in my Kindle app.

But given books are as much a part of me as my personality, that's why I love lists like this, where there's a bounty of books.  Kudos to Penny Whitehouse at for compiling this list of "100+ Enchanting Nature Books for Kids." 

Seeing this list, and loving how each title is linked and ready to be shopped, I want to dive in and go order a bundle. Here's where willpower is tricky when you have a book obsession like me! 🙃

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