Wednesday, February 17, 2021

52 Weeks Challenges

At the start of the new year, it's often the inspiration to start those resolutions with the hope and promise of fresh starts. Dry January. Fitness regimes and routines. Spending less & saving more. One Words. Eating healthy--"this year for sure."

Here mid-February, it is hardly the start of the year. In fact, by this point, 6 or so weeks later, many of those resolutions are long-left by the wayside. 

But I've been taking notice and inspiration of some 52 Week Challenges on social media that I'm finding more forgiving than a true New Year's resolution. In part, they can start January 1st, but they don't have to--you get to be the ultimate creator of when it all starts. In this way, motivation and magic can happen at any time. 

Additionally, many of them are inspired to get you out of your own rut. After a near-year of pandemic, we all need that.

I am making good headway into my own 52 weeks/52 books personal program. Having fallen in love with Anne With An E on Netflix (and having never read Anne of Green Gables), I am working my way through Lucy Maud Montgomery's series, along with a list of many other fiction and non-fiction titles. I am definitely on track with my book-a-week goal. (Plus, little did I know, there's an actual 52 Week Book Club for that!)

Another 52 Week Challenge that has spoken to me is the 52 Weeks/Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Given that hanging at home is another peril of the pandemic, this certainly is a good one. If you are itching to become more of a risk taker--a week at a time--a few good sites to investigate are here, here, and here.

But I think the one I'm most drawn to is the 52 Hike Challenge. Being a bit of a winter-a-phobe myself, with less-than-stellar knees, I'm not ready to start this one yet! I need warmer, drier weather. But I'm completely in awe of it. One of my school colleagues is embarking on this one and I'm living vicariously through her and her hikes. It also speaks highly to my eco-educator side as it makes for a great way to hit the reset button. We are so in need of unplugging, now more so than ever before with all the zooming, hybrid/remote classrooms, indoor life, and pandemic perils. Outdoors, and all the health benefits that go with it, is where we need to be.

My colleague who is embarking on this challenge hiked over 200 miles last year... so this is a natural next step. For her, hiking and the fresh air is always the great equalizer. You will get to meet her in my next post. Thinking about it all makes me want to put on some hiking boots and get out there myself. For now, at least, maybe just my snow boots to go take a winter walk (which is where I'm heading next, right after I close my computer).

We all need little nudges along the way. Use the weeks ahead to be yours. 

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