Saturday, February 27, 2021

Jordan Sprigg's Repurposed Sculptures

When it comes to the green chasing arrow recycling symbol, the "reduce, reuse, recycle" are purposely in the order that they are. But more and more, I think the symbol really should be a square with "repurpose" in there just before "recycle." Some might argue that "repurpose" and "reuse" are synonymous... and perhaps they are. But I like the "purposeful" part of "repurpose." It's not by happenstance. It's done by design.

Speaking of design, metal artist Jordan Sprigg knows a lot about it. For the last 7 years, Jordan, who is based in Western Australia, has used scrap metal from retired machinery as his sculpture medium of choice. The antiquity that comes from some of the earlier settlers to Australia gives his wildlife animal creations a rusty and rustic appearance. He purposely keeps them in that state to showcase the history. Looking at his life-size (and sometimes larger than life-sized) creations, you'll see anything from gears to yard tools to complete machine parts. Making what once was trash into treasured pieces of art, Jordan brings history to life. I must add... the Outback makes for the perfect backdrop for his amazing art, on display in his website gallery.

You can learn more about Jordan and see his amazing creations, be sure to visit his website, Facebook page, and his Instagram

Additionally, for an excellent article on repurposing, check out this post at Thrive Global, which is where I got the art above.

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