Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Benefits of Being Outside

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Communing with nature. Biophilia. Ecotherapy. Forest bathing. A walk in the woods. Unplugging. Getting out into the great outdoors.

Whatever you call it, it would seem that there is a definite call to you, from nature. As Richard Louv wrote about in "Last Child in the Woods" (published Earth Day 2008) and the more recent "Nature Fix" by Florence Williams (2018), there is certainly a calming and therapeutic effect of nature.

In the vein of "Where's Waldo?" and Bitmoji classrooms combined, check out this clickable Google slide deck I created to investigate some of the tried and true verified benefits of getting outside. 

Then, do your body good and get outside. Take advantages of some of these advantages!! Don't let the winter weather slow you down or stop you in your tracks.

Benefits of Being Outside Bitmoji board created by me & can be found at Benefits images created at and the information found at, Me on a mushroom avatar from

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