Saturday, March 6, 2021

Thomas Crowther's TED Talk on Biodiversity & Restor

Much like the soothing sound of the birds and crickets that open this TED Talk, Thomas Crowther's voice is equally relaxing as he details the importance of biodiversity for our planet. In his talk "The Global Movement to Restore Nature's Biodiversity" from October 2020, he details the research on reforestation. 

As he says, restoration and reforestation is not the single solution to climate change. It isn't just about offsetting emissions, but it is one of many solutions to help bolster our current ecosystems. 

Additionally Crowther discusses Restor, an open data platform that will launch fully later this year to crowdsource data on restoration projects. This will ultimately accelerate both the acquisition of environmental data and knowledge to lead to environmental progress. By learning from each other, this "digital ecosystem" helps inform future actions and projects. Backed by Google and other science and tech partners, we see once again how innovation is what will help make the global environmental changes we need.

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