Monday, December 1, 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas: BlogStyle

The merriment of Thanksgiving is now officially behind us. So is Black Friday, if that's your thing. I used part of my holiday weekend to get my house in order, some "decking of the halls" in order...and some life in order. With starting a new job this past August, it seems there's a lot of that "order" to be "re-ordering" as I learn new curriculums, new school cultures, new people, and new job expectations. Even more when my own kids started new at this school as well.

Given that, one of the area of "dis-order" this fall has been my blog here.  Green Team Gazette.  It seems to be the last place I get, further down on my priority list than I want it to be. I haven't felt as focused as I'd like, and I have a stockpile of topics just building up, patiently waiting for me to get there... all the while my own patience is rearing its ugly head!

So the best way to combat that is to build a plan and find that focus. Which all got me thinking of Christmas; namely, the twelve days of Christmas.

What if I aspired to write the 12 blog posts of Christmas? GTG style: a dash of self-reflection, a heavy dose of environmental finds and facts, a touch of EdTech, a glimmer of the Christmas seasons, and a bit of nature & health factored in. #12BloggerDays.

In the course of a month, it's a pretty hearty goal. 12 posts, here in this 12th month, before we hit 2015.  This is really a hefty push--especially given the nature of December. If this is a goal that I decide to take on, that means I'll be challenging myself to a post every 2-3 days (given I push it to New Year's Eve).

But... if I try to revolve around he number 12--much like months, hours in the am, hours in the pm, eggs in the dozen, inches in a foot, jurors on a jury, animals on the Chinese calendar, or even signs in the zodiac--then maybe that will help me renew my own focus in my own blogosphere.  What do they say:

And luckily, since I make my own rules, this serves as #1 in my 12.

Only 11 more to go!

I challenge you this month to do 12 things that are important to you. 
I would love to hear about it.

Images from:  Home decorated pics from my camera; 12 Days of Christmas from pic: Days of Blogging from my iPad, a creation using the Scrap It app.

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