Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas is A-Coming, Bow Box, Reused Ribbons, & More!

On the 9th Day of Christmas Blogging....

Today, we had one of our first adventures in gift giving and receiving. Family fun & festivities in front of the lighted tree....after full family photos with 16 people!  Fully day indeed!  (And even relatively pain-free!)

A day of gifts...a day of memories.  Part of my long-ago family tradition, as far back as I remember, always included the "bow box" (most of which was reused), the box of tissue paper (most of which was reused), and the box of gift bags.  Yes, you guessed it, most of it reused.  That tradition continues, in a nicely-wrapped box so it can live under my tree, at the wrapping ready.  Decorated gift boxes, bags, and tissue paper were heavily used on our side of the gift giving for the festivities of today.

But what do you expect from an eco-warrior?!

It was in the memory of my Christmas Pasts and Christmas Present that this picture of percentages spoke to me.  I saw it first on a Story of Stuff's Facebook post that showed up on my news feed.  They attributed the image and stats to PLAN:  The Post Landfill Action Network's FB page.  They in turn attributed the stats to EcoATM.  All great FB follows, if you are looking for some!

So the season is upon us and in full swing.  May you be in the 52%...the 17% or even the ├╝ber20%.  No matter what....may you be happy, healthy, and do what you can to carve out a sustainable holiday season! 

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