Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Word: What's Yours?

Earlier in the year, I saw the book "One Word that Will Change Your Life" by Dan Britton.  I bought it for a young friend of mine moving from one stage in her life to the next.  True confessions:  I will admit--I got wrapped in and did some reading before I did some gifting.

It's an interesting concept.  What one word will you choose to define your goals and direct the year ahead?  Well, I must admit:  I don't remember what word I choose.  But, in looking at the year in retrospect, I have determined what my word was:  Change.  2014 brought a lot of change for my family, in terms of the closing of a beloved school, new jobs, new roles within my career, new schools for my children, new friends, and old friends moving away to new jobs or new locales.  Change!

With only a few more weeks left of 2014, and here, midst my #12BloggerDays personal challenge, I still see "change" at play.  Especially midst these very busy days of holiday prep and planning.  I noticed it in the extra long bedtime hugs my kids gave me--showing me some of my timings of things (including making time for writing, and homeworking, and laundry & other "home" work) might also still need some tweaking and changing.  I'm not sure what my 2015 word will be, but I still have those weeks to work on even more "change."

If you are knee-deep in thinking of your "one word," here are some resources from their website.  A good thing to take a peek at it this NBC interview with author Dan Britton's friend Phillip Kelley.  What is your "one word" for either this year, or the next one ahead?

Snowy image from my digital Christmas card created using "Smilebox" and inserting the above quote.  Red image created for my digital Christmas Card, using the iPad app "Scrap It:  Christmas HD"  Video from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_XtL91XSVE

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