Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hour of Code 2014

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This week (December 8th--14th, 2014) is Computer Science Education Week. [For anyone paying attention, I wrote about it last year.]

A major part of that is computer coding, and the "Hour of Code" (over at is heavily promoting that anyone can learn.  They've been running on on-growing counter of the number of people who have tried coding on the Hour of Code site, as well as a running tally of the number of lines of code written.  Both numbers are astronomical: and growing!

To the left is a super infographic that shows the reasons it's important to teach kids coding.  Of course, it came in either super-sized or teensy, so click on it or this link to see a full size, readable version!

Hour of Code has many resources for Students & Teachers alike, including the statistics image below from last year's Hour of Code.

Additionally, they have a mix of user-friendly tutorials, including some very iconic & familiar ones with Angry Birds, Plants versus Zombies, and even Elsa & Anna from "Frozen."  Some are more complicated than others, but the Hour of Code folks advertise that anyone from 4--104 can do it!  We'll be doing it in Kindergarten Technology this week!

For another wealth of resources, be sure to check out Michelle Green's Hour of Code post, including a Symbaloo webmix of a boatload of coding links.

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