Wednesday, December 17, 2014

National Tree! Christmas Tree! Coding All the Way

A week before Christmas Eve, as I'm watching a recording of the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree, I'm in a singing mood....I think you know the tune (with a touch a variation):

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
To know tech coding is so cool.
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree!
These skills are such a current tool.
Not only reading & writing here,
Let's also code computers this school year!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
To know tech coding is so dear!

What I've discovered is this: I'm not only a sap for a good Christmas show, but you totally have me if you throw in an educational component. Especially one with a 21st century skill of creativity, critical thinking, and computer coding! Google's Made W/Code has done an excellent job of pairing with the National Park Service this year with the televised lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Their goal: to help bring girls into the beauty, power, & importance of coding & computer programming. Just check out this video:

To watch the lighting of the National Christmas Tree (which happened December 4th), click here.

To see the state/territory ornaments on the National Pathway of Peace, check out this link..

Click here for Made With Code projects (including the ability to code your choice tree on the Pathway of Peace).  In just playing around, I discovered that I really & truly programmed the Florida state tree for December 22nd at 7:55 pm.  I also used code to make the little green avatar guy below.

For Made With Code Mentor videos, click this link. (Go Girl Power!).  Or, click here for the Code Makers.  (Again, all girls!)

And by all means, don't miss the Resources!

And whatever you do...don't forget to go code the Christmas Tree!!
Then sing it with me (to the tune of "Jingle Bells"):

National Trees, National Trees,
Coding all the lights.
Oh! What fun it is to make
A tree that's quite a sight!
National Trees, National Trees, 
Coding all the lights.
Oh what fun it is to make
A program to delight!

Video from; 
Song parodies & lyrics:  my own invention!
Coding creations made using the website, and saved after creating!

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