Sunday, December 28, 2014

Battling Food Overload from Christmas into the New Year

Cookies with sprinkles
Cookies without sprinkles
Chocolate bits, bites, and bars
Candy canes, cupcakes, pies, & pastries
Fudge, feasts, festivities, and frenzies

The further into the holiday season, the more packages you unwrap... inevitably, the more pounds you can pack on.

Last December (the 20th, 2013) the Guardian came out with the post "How Much Weight Will I Gain at Christmas and How Long Will it Take to Lose It?"  Depending, you may still be wrestling with last Christmas' holiday weight gain, still attempting to lose THAT bad boy, while successfully piling on this year.   Yes, the seasons are rich in many ways (with some of the wealth being rather unforgiving!)

With New Year's Resolutions on the horizon (& weight loss always being a biggie in that department), perhaps your goals include being healthier, cutting a few calories, or shedding some of those seasonal pounds. If that's the case, these health links may be for you.

At the very least, they will shed light on some of your favorite sweet treats, and some healthier habits.

Your Teen's Brain on High Fructose Corn Syrup

John Oliver's Takedown of the Sugar Industry is Pretty Sweet
Love me some John Oliver!

Berkley Versus Big Soda
In the category of "Must See TV. (Let's face it--they all are!

This is what a More Sustainable American Food System Looks Like

How Much Sugar People Eat Around the World

And in an attempt for a healthier new year, here are some thing to look into eliminating....

10 Toxic Products No One Needs
From Vinyl shower curtains to oil based paints, to bottled water, pesticides & more!

Styrene Officially Linked to Cancer: 4 Things to Ditch Now
Best plan: ditch out Styrofoam plates, cups, takeout containers (all of which especially so if they hold the hot stuff) and #6 Plastics (that don't necessarily look like Styrofoam).

It's a Wrap! A Non-Toxic Substitute for Plastic Wrap, That Is
An oldie from the summer, but a nice alternative to use instead for food storage & something to keep an eye open for!

Images from our kitchen this holiday season.

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