Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Cornucopia of Commentary on Climate Change

A collection.
A bounty. 
An abundance. 
A cornucopia!

Most certainly, this is it! At least on the subject of Climate Change. In my new job stockpiling of articles these last few months, a major wealth of my finds were on this still-controversial topic. Why it's even still a question, is beyond me. But, perhaps after this wealth, it might open some still-shut/blind eyes.

Debating A Climate Denier:  It's OK to Be Smart
The place to start, no doubt, is here: From PBS Digital Studios' "It's OK to Be Smart" Series: "Climate Science: What You Need to Know".

8 Climate Change Clues for Kids
This article highlights the website:  A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change.  "Student's Guide" is a great student site that encourages students to both think like a scientist, get facts, and also be part of the solution!

10 Failed Climate Change Denial Arguments
This features another great video, this time from Hank Green (brother of John Green--author of "Fault in Our Stars" and the sarcastic Crash Course History videos).  With John Green's sarcasm (family trait, obviously), Hank fights out all of those "typical" arguments that come up in the climate change "debate"

Will Climate Change Make Men Extinct?
An interesting look at fertility and rising global temperatures.

A Warmer Planet Means Boozier Wines.  Trust us, That's Bad
Like species of animals that could become extinct, so too could certain varietals of vino.

Red States More Likely to Be Burned By Climate Change
The Breadbasket of America might be one of the hardest hits, regardless of politics and whether or not the politicians there believe in climate change or not.

Emma Thompson Just Won Our Hearts With Some Straight Talk on Climate Change
It's always good seeing a famous face speak from her heart on issues of importance.

Screenshot from PBS Digital Studios' "It's OK to Be Smart" Series:
 "Climate Science: What You Need to Know"
Jon Steward Reminds Us Its Climate Change That'll Kill Us, Not Ebola or ISIS
Political satire always brings smiles.

This Graphic Novelist Tells the True Story of Climate Change
The story of "Climate Changed:  A Personal Journey Through the Science" by Philippe Squarzoni.

Climate Change Threatens National Security, Pentagon Says
The ills and effects of climate change become "threat multipliers" and "its impacts do not respect national borders."

Paul Ryan Thinks Humans Might Not Be The Cause of Climate Change
Huffington Post Live has a good time with this one.

They Took a Camera to a Remote Area in Greenland & What They Recorded is Simply Terrifying
Glacier watching, and watching the glacier calving.

Robert Reich on the Importance of Putting a Price on Carbon
Makes sense:  hit companies where it counts!  The wallet!

Teaching Kids about Climate Change?  Read them a Classic Story
A list of some great family favorites that put the importance of the environment at their heart

The Inventors of a 'Revolutionary' Climate Solution Just Won a Nobel Prize
Amazing what a Clean LED light can do!

If These 35,000 Walruses Can't Convince You Climate Change is Real, I Don't Know What to Tell You   This is what a crowded house looks like!

Antarctic Ice Melt Causes Small Shift in Gravity
Small, but there. Noticeable. Potentially problematic over time.

Can Farmers Outsmart Climate Change?
Climate Smart Agriculture could be a plan for the future.

How Climate resilient schools Serve Students & Communities
A peek at how green-focused STEM schools can make plans for a more sustainable future

12 Views of a Warming World
Proof indeed that a picture speaks 1000 words!

This Map Shows How Climate Change is Screwing Over Your Immediate Area
Program in your location to see how significant the effect and rise of climate change is over the last century.

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