Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Origins: Deep Dive" This Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is always an interesting twilight zone of a day dedicated to giving thanks and being grateful for what you have as well as a block of unbridled spending frenzy between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and shopping! Shopping! Shopping.  This weekend has you tied between family and gratitude and the world of "gimme" and "buy me."  The commercial side of Christmas goes off with a bang, leaving a poor 1965 Charlie Brown's head spinning with his twiggy Christmas tree as he chimes in about commercialism and the true meaning of the Christmas season we are embarking upon.
And yet, we're still here, nearly 50 years after that first "Charlie Brown Christmas."

Given this shaky-balance-of-imbalance-kind-of-weekend, it might be a good time to carve out some movie time to help you get your head on straight.  No, not "Charlie Brown Christmas," though that would do it too.

The movie I'm suggesting is "Origins:  Deep Dive" movie.  As luck would have it, this is the last weekend of their 10-day free viewing invitation.  With the deposit of an email address alone, you get access to the 1 hour 41 minute which urges you to get back to OUR origins.  A "simpler, cleaner, back-to-the-Earth, get outside and enjoy nature and healthier eating" kind of origin.  It takes a look at how consumerism and fast-paced, plastic-wrapped convenience have really caused us to hurt not only our planet but our own health. The movie discusses our need to use technology and advancement in a sustainable way, to keep us excelling, and to get us to be our best possible self.  It has addresses stress and our obsessive "need" for "stuff"...and how we don't need a fraction of what we think we need.  In fact, we only "need" 4 things on this planet to survive and thrive: shelter, water, fire, food.  Everything else is wants. (I might argue that love is in there, as humans, but that's me!)

Here is the link to my free invitation to "Origins."  By sharing it, I'm not skirting the system, but actually taking up filmmaker Pedram Shojai's offer to spread the film and help bring about healthy wisdom.  The free viewing window goes until midnight of November 30th.  It's my hope you'll take time to view it, and see how that helps you in this twilight zone ThanksChristmasy-kind of weekend to help organize your priorities.  I highly recommend it!

Watch the Global Premiere of Origins the Movie: Until Nov. 30th watch the feature-length movie Origins for FREE from filmmaker Pedram Shojai. #OriginsFilm @Well_Org...Find the movie at:

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