Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A-Questing We Will Go--#1 & #2

A questing we will go....
A questing we will go....
High & lo through Maryland we go,
A questing we will go!!
Running from May 29th to September 6th, 2010, Maryland Department of Natural Resources are running their Park Quest.  Through this, 24 Maryland State Parks are anxiously awaiting you if you are one of the 750 families who signed up mid-May for this third season of Maryland's outdoor adventures. 

Team Dabrowka has signed up.  We made the deadline & are one of 750 family teams!   We have our Park Quest Passport in hand!  Our family is ready & raring to go, approaching the hiking, biking, fishing, GPS-ing, letterboxing quests ahead of us this summer.  With free entrance into the parks for "questers," MD Parks & Rec have got a good thing going.  Themed as "Making a Family a Team," they're promoting family adventures, the "No Child Left Inside" act, an opportunity to connect with the outside world, a chance to see new sights, and good times!!  

This Memorial Day weekend, Team Dabrowka and our "rival buddies" family team trekked out into the woods....even with both families afflicted with war-torn, camping-injured ankles in tow.  We hit up Cunningham Falls State Park & South Mountain's Washington Monument (not "the" DC Washington Monument). We found our clues, learned some history, waded through ice-cold rushing water in the proverbial "babbling brook," and had a fun family day together.  Who could ask for more????

To learn more about MD's Park Quest (which is also on Facebook)....go to http://www.dnr.state.md.us/parkquest/ or click the title above!

Picture from http://www.dnr.state.md.us/parkquest/

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