Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello World Environment Day!

June 5th is a day of pretty big happenings all over.  The long-awaited United Nations World Environment Day 2010 has arrived...and happenings in Rwanda are huge.  

Gisele Bundchen, international supermodel & spokesperson for UNEP's WED2010, has several public service videos out, like the "Attitude Manual" pictured above.  A visit to or a YouTube search will help you find the handful of them.  Do be sure to go to the link above, and check out the "Attitude Manual."  Also at that site, there are some great ideas on how you can take action and be a part of something big, regardless how small your actions might feel.  As was stated by Laura Kang, our Eagle Cove School head of school, in her graduation address just yesterday to the 5th grade class:  "Always remember, small actions do indeed make a difference!"  Also, don't forget to catch WED2010's Blog Contest Winner Tuesday Phillip's twitter commentary at

Along the lines of WED2010, there are 2 other big eco-events occurring.  In Maryland, June 5th is the first of 3 free fishing day (where no license is needed, regardless you age).  The point of this is to encourage families to get outside, to help kids to embrace the great outdoors, and to see new vistas that might be right in their own backyards.  Anglers make great environmentalists as they'll be active to work for healthy waters to give longevity to their hobby of choice--fishing--and to keep the fish in those waters nice and healthy!!   Go to to get the rundown on Maryland's 3 free fishing days:  June 5, June 12 and July 4, 2010.

But wait!  That's not all!! There's more!  June 5th is also National Trails Day.  President Ronald Reagan helped orchestrate this annual event through his President's Commission on American Outdoors.  This 1987 report promoted getting outside and getting on the move.  What evolved was National Trails Day, which first started in 1993.  With 200,000 miles of trails winding through parks and cities galore, Americans have mucho opportunity to get out in the great outdoors and explore, relax, unwind, be inspired, exercise and be educated.  June 5th becomes a good kick off day, here at the start of summer, to get yourself outdoors and get moving. To learn more, check out

So....It's June are you going to spend your day celebrating your planet?

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