Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th ~ Happy Global Wind Day

Pull out the date book, here's one we almost missed.  June 15th is Global Wind Day.  European Wind Energy Association began this event last year, and this year marks the 2nd annual appearance on the Eco-Events calendar. 

Most certainly, in the wake of the BP Debacle, we can see the need for sustainable, renewable energy sources...of which oil is clearly not.  [Unless, of course, you want to label petroleum as "a sustainable and lasting problem" ~ I still have images from yesterday's BP research of oil-soaked birds that is breaking my heart!]  Global Wind Day is here to help bring awareness to the power that surrounds us daily. 

At http://www.globalwindday.org/ you will find an interactive on how wind turbines work, links and FAQ's about wind energy, and a link to their videos on their Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/EWEAvideos).  You'll also find a world-wide map of GWDay events occurring today.  Who knows--one might be right nearby!

Along my clicking through the events map, I found a link to Horizon Wind Energy (http://www.horizonwind.com/about/ftkc/linksreferences.aspx).  Among the wealth of information there, a particular perk to educators is their "For Teachers, Kids, & Consumers" section.  Not only will you find information galore, but other great "Links and References" as well as "Curriculum Suggestions" for students of all ages.  In fact, many of the events on the Global Wind Day Map are visits to wind farms, a majority of which have links to their site.  There's lots to check out!

Given all this new info, maybe while you're marking your calendar, you need to schedule in some time to go out and do something to celebrate that relies on wind power:  fly a kite, go sailing, or simply relax and let the wind blow your hair out of your face!

Image from http://www.globalwindday.org/

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