Friday, June 18, 2010

Park Quest #3 ~ Gunpowder Falls

All Aboard!!!  Those were the words once heard at the Monkton Railway Station in Monkton, MD (just north of Baltimore).  This once-railroad track is a now-turned hiking trail, and Gunpowder Falls is now one of the stops on the 2010 Park Quest brigade of 24 state parks involved in this year's Park Quest.  
With this being only my 3rd MD Park Quest this summer, we're still relative "newbies."  But this one was especially fun for my kids as we followed the clues to look for hidden boxes (the size of bird nests) that held the treasure du jour:  stampers to indicate on our quest sheet that yes, "X" does indeed mark the spot.

With idyllic temperatures, low humidity, and flat terrain, what could be better?  Maybe doing it all by bike as it is a perfect bike trail, but that would have kept us from finding the minuscule frogs hopping about, and the 2 deer--one of which stopped to intently stare at us.  A healthy organic lunch at the quaint old-timey deli across the street was the perfect touch.  

All aboard, indeed!!

To learn more about Maryland's Park Quest visit or click on the title above.

Picture from our day's adventures!


  1. Getting ready to try the Gunpowder Quest tomorrow with my kids and found your blog on a google search. Thanks for the advice about the deli!

  2. Glad Google led you this way& you found us! I really liked this Quest...and it was a refreshing, tasty lunch spot after a great day outdoors! Have fun!