Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Activism at Any Age

Clearly, there's no limit to what one person can do...more importantly, there's no age limit either. 

At 82 years old, Jean Hill (longterm resident of Concord, Massachusetts) is a go-getter.   After a conversation with her grandson about the Pacific Garbage Patch, she became a woman on a mission. This conversation led to some activism, and eventually a proposal.  But not just any proposal--one which passed in a town meeting:  a ban on plastic water bottles.  As a result, starting January 1st, 2011 Concord, Massachusetts will become the first locale that has outwardly banned these dastardly decanters! 

Of course the bottled beverage business is operating and countering with their own boycotts, so we shall see what actually happens, come January 1st.  But, it is democracy in action!

Best quotes from the article are from Ms. Hill herself:

1. “We’re trashing our planet, all because of greed.”
2.  “I’m going to work until I drop on this,” she said. “If you believe in something, you have to persist and you have to have a thick skin.” 
Click on the title above or go to to read about Jean Hill and her role in making Concord, MA the first plastic water bottle banned state. You'll find out all about it here in the New York Times article "Where Thoreau Lived, Crusade Over Bottles." Don't forget to watch the "Battle Over the Bottle" video too!

Great article, NY Times! Way to go, Ms. Hill!!

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