Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ecovillages: A New Kind of Community

As we are entering an era where it has been outwardly stated (both in words, tweets, and cabinet pics) that our next President is about as far from the environment as you can be, picturing a positive utopia of Ecovillages seemed like the best, most positive place to rest my brain space.

What is an ecovillage?

Along with "intentional living" as a foundation of their philosophy, common features also include:
  • a return to the nature through community gardens & shared agriculture
  • bartering as a form of economy
  • off-grid energy sources 
  • energy conservation & eco-friendly transportation
  • co-operatives (including homeschooling) & a community of sharing
  • diminishing consumption and maximizing conservation of resources
No, we're not talking communes! But rather, a community based on sustainability.

To learn more about Ecovillages, check out these resources:

As an aside while thinking about a wonderful world of sustainability (a dystopian contrast of what President Trump might envision for America), I do praise President Obama for setting up two new National Parks (Bears Ears National Monument & Gold Butte National Monument)  and making environmental strides in the last month of his presidency.  Some items can be undone, but it will make the de-eco-ing a little bit harder for incoming President Trump. (Insert environmentalist chuckling here.)

May we all have our picture perfect environmental spaces and places, and may we all be environmental activists when needed here in the next 4 years ahead.

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