Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Down With Denim? Up With Insulation!

In the spirit of giving, here's another way to "go green" this holiday season... in a way that's actually blue!

In these days after the holidays, I'm picturing a house--perhaps your house. Perhaps it has a bounty of gifts under the Christmas tree, around the Hanukkah menorah, or next to the Kwanzaa kinara. Or maybe, instead of a pleathora of presents, maybe your household just took advantage of some of the mega winter sales. No matter what your seasonal situation, there will come a time when you are rotating your closet, doing away with the old, and shuffling in the new.

Should that be your situation and you have some jeans to offload, don't just let them make it to the "circular file" which will ultimately become the landfill. Some people might want to take their old jeans to their local Good Will Store or Salvation Army to make a donation, but sometimes there's one too many holes in those jeans, and they really should never be worn again.

In that case, you get an opportunity to make a difference.

Blue Jeans Go Green is just the organization to help you do

that...and help you make UltraTouch Denim Insulation. Americans "throw out 25 billion pounds of textiles per year." To keep your denim from landing in the landfill and to learn more about the process, check out their website. It'll make you think twice before you decide to just throw away your old jeans.

To learn where to take your denim, or if you are interested in starting your own denim drive, click here.

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  1. Okay....this is kind of funny...but I was searching for a blog post that I did a long time ago...and came across this blog post (I figured it was really there is a photo of some jeans I painted a gazillion years ago...Sounds like a super cool program for denim! Have a great day! Heather :0)