Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wolves & Rivers & Changes Over Time

The 4 minute movie "How Wolves Change Rivers" is not new to the Internet--it was posted nearly 2 years ago.  Yet I'm always moved by it (as is my dog when he hears the wolves howl).

In 4 minutes it discusses the shift in multiple levels of environmental change--all brought about over the course of  the reintroduction of wolves that were once absent for nearly 70 years at Yellowstone National Park. This change is called a "trophic cascade," which happens when a top predator is either added or removed from a predator-prey food chain situation.  Over time the entire ecosystem is transformed.

It shows us the power of biodiversity!

For a visual about how wolves have kept "Yellowstone in balance," check out this infographic:

Video from; photo from, & "Wolves Keep Yellowstone in Balance" in 

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