Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year & New Year's Resolutions

New Years Eve is around the bend  As we enter into the "new" new year, this is the time that traditionally we all look at what's around us. It's that time to assess:  What is it you want to keep... and what is there that needs an iteration or two? Perhaps you are regretting that extra Christmas cookie (or twenty), or that extra cocktail (or more). Maybe you are taking note of which of your friendships enrich your lives and perhaps which relationships are ones its time to release. Habits & attitudes may need to be rebuilt, readjusted, and renewed. Here's a few of my inspirational suggestions for 2016:

For tackling your own resolutions, here are some handy resources that might simplify your plans of action for the year ahead:

Here are two links from my ultimate favorite life-focused inspiration:  Michael Hyatt.  I'd completely recommend his podcast series "This Is Your Life."  It's changed the way I move about in the world as it is frequently what I'm listening to in the car.  Here are two links specifically for goal setting:
According to, the #1 Resolution of 2015 was to lose weight.  Given obesity in America, I'd imagine we'll see the same for 2016.  If you were one of those who had too many sugar cookies over the holidays, here are some links to help on that front:

  • For a visual of how much sugar you are taking in, check out Sugar Stacks.  Here's just one example.  Sometimes the drinks you are leaning toward are more sugar packed than you think. Beyond beverages, you can also click through their links for sugar in snacks, cookies, deserts, and more.
  • Chef Jamie Oliver has long been a fan of healthier eating.  His Food Revolution show from several years ago gave some eye opening stats, facts, visuals & challenges.  His most recent brigade has been the documentary Sugar Rush where he spoke out on Obesity in the UK.

Whatever your goals for the year ahead, I wish you luck in pursuing them!  
Cheers to your new year.  Make it the best one yet!

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