Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Opening Your Eyes to World Water Day = March 22nd, Annually

In the "Must See TV" Department, this video will truly open your eyes to the importance of today's global environmental awareness day, World Water DayAnnually, March 22nd highlights the importance of clean water and sanitation, and just how important those li'l precious drops of H2O can be.
What can you do?

1.  Watch & share the video above.

2.  Walk a mile (or 3.7 miles = 6 km) with a jug of water or two so you can see what some people in the world endure to get to the nearest water source (with no guarantee it's clean).

4.  Use this precious commodity with great care!

5.  Go to http://www.worldwaterday.org to see where you can donate to help improve circumstances world-wide. 

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