Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's a Big Eco Week and a Big Eco Month Ahead

'Tis the season of a number of eco events....this week, and this month!  Take a peek to see what ones that need to mark your calendar:

1.  A year ago today, March 20th--Happy Birthday Plastiki
Plastiki, our favorite water bottle boat made of 12K+ plastic water bottles set sail into the Pacific Ocean a year ago today to highlight plastic waste in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!  Check out their blog marking the event!

2.  Tuesday, March 22nd:  World Water Day, global event
Just around the corner is World Water Day--To see a poignant and amazing videoon the 6 km per day (about 3.7 miles) that many people walk world wide daily to get water (and not always even clean water), check out my March 19th blog on World Water Day: .  Likewise, check out the "World Water Day" link on the GTG theme cloud!

3.  Currently in DC:  March 15--27th:  DC's Environmental Film Fest
60 venues, 150 films, and 26,000 film-goers descend on some important DC documentaries. The place to go (even if you can't get to DC) is  Many shorts are available online at the website!

4.  Saturday, March 26th from 8:30pm -- 9:30pm:  Earth Hour, global event
Two "Must See" videos as to why you should spend your hour (or more) with the lights out, go here or go to

5.  New this month (March 2011) at ~ 2 new books well in-sync with World Water Day:
Plastiki: An Adventure to Save Our Oceans* Plastiki: An Adventure to Save Our Oceans by David de Rothschild.  Celebrate the one year anniversary by checking into an indepth look at some of the adventures the Plastiki crew endured, just a year ago!
Be sure to check out the near-two-minute video narrated by co-author Ted Danson (yes, TV's "Cheers" Sam Malone)

6.  Friday, April 22nd (Good Friday):  Earth Day, global event 
Be sure to check out the video gallery here at or get loads of other resources at

Yep, it's a full month...Mark those calendars, and don't miss your chance to take a stand and be informed!!!

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