Thursday, March 3, 2011

Connect the DOT.s

I don't know about you, but I remember being a kid and loving "dot to dots."  You start with random dots, which, when put together sequential, this picture appears before your eyes.  You need all of them, or it doesn't quite come together!

Well, in away, that's the same thing that's happening at The Alliance for Climate Education's (A.C.E's) DOT.  But the DOTs aren't regular A.C.E. DOT is a promise. An aim.  A pledge.  A pledge to "Do One Thing."  Where? Here, planet Earth.  By "doing one thing" to help the environment, each one of us becomes a dot in the dot-to-dot called life where we all working together to aid the planet, to fight climate change, they say on their website:
"together our DOTs can make a ginormous difference!"
To make your pledge be a ginormous part in solving the problem, click the title above or go to  Make your pledge as to what you can do (and are willing to commit to doing).  While you're there, see some of the on-site videos of others and their "DOTS" the one here below!!  Also, you could check out their Youtube site:  Great classroom opportunities abound from these videos, anywhere from student-created compositions to inspiring your youngsters to take action!!

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