Friday, August 6, 2010

Park Quest #10 ~ Seneca Creek

It's not often that a wrong turn elicits a deer sighting...and one at a 10-yard-distance, at that.  And clearly it was an urban deer, very accustomed to onlookers, in that it barely flinched as 4 people went traipsing by.  

So started our tenth Park Quest at Montgomery County, Maryland's Seneca Creek Park Quest.  I was particularly excited by the GPS/caching aspect of this Park Quest, but a low battery and a booklet of information showed us that we didn't really need the GPS (tho it would have been cool in the novelty of it all).  In total, it was a good investigation of invasive plants, not to mention a decent hike, which lead us to each of the caches, the 20-food Seneca Creek invader, and the ultimate keys to the kingdom. 
Another good day outdoors...low humidity making it even better...Maryland Park Quest--kudos!

To learn more, go to or click the title above.

Pictures from my camera this 6th day o'August.

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