Friday, August 20, 2010

Bag It!

Okay, I'll admit it...I've got plastic on the brain.  

A lot of it is coming from sites I follow that are talking about the month-end California senate vote.  They'll be voting on a bill that hopefully will pass--a bill that will ban single-use plastic from all drug, grocery, and convenience stores in California.  In doing so, that will ultimately start closing the door on the 19,000,000 (that's million, people!) plastic bags consumers use in California  PER YEAR!

It brings to mind "catch and release" fishing, which is unfortunately what often happens with these bags...they have a short visit with you and are then released--sometimes to a messy storage "clutter cabinet," more often to load up the landfill, and sadly: often to the wind.  Once wind-bound, they ultimately find their way to our waterways & the digestive system of marine wildlife.

According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition website, this weekend (Sunday, August 22nd to be exact), there's a film fest in Los Angeles at the UCLA James Bridges Theater.  Here, many short films will be  on Sunday 22nd August from 4--7 pm.   Among the selection of short films, Susan Berazza's "Bag It!" (the clip from above) will be featured.  In just the three minute snippit clip (which, incidentally, completely drew in my 4-yr. old son who was sitting nearby) it's got me wanting to see more.  To bad UCLA is a bit of a ways from me...I'll have to wait until it reaches Netflix or a local showing.
To learn more, go to  Or, to learn more about "Bag It!"  go to  Hopefully it helps you to bag the bags!

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